National Bridge Preservation Partnership Conference

The National Bridge Preservation Conference was comprised of bridge practitioners from State and Local Agencies, Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers, Academia, and Federal Government Officials in a sharing of bridge practices throughout the nation.

The gathering provides technical presentations, workshops, and a forum to share bridge strategies – including treatments; management; inspection; improvements in research, design, specifications, and materials; and promoted the benefits of bridge preservation.

  • Offers bridge practitioners an opportunity to hear from experts in the2014-04-08-16_45_02-NBPPC14-program_v10.pdf---Adobe-Acrobat-Pro
    preservation field through plenary and technical sessions.Offers opportunities to observe LIVE demonstrations of the
    placements of several types of bridge preservation treatments.
  • Offers individual perspectives from leaders of the preservation
    industry, government, and academia about the need to protect our roadway
    investment through preservation.
  • Offers a forum for Regional Bridge Preservation Partnerships
    underwritten through the AASHTO Transportation System Preservation–
    Technical Services Program (TSP·2).
  • Offers a national networking opportunity to share technology and
    experiences, and address today’s major preservation issues affecting
    agencies and industry alike.


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